The Emerging Facts On Establishing Fundamental Criteria For Calgary Balloon Animals

5. “Nikko was a gregarious, friendly, outgoing guy,” DiMatteo said. “He was a very big-hearted individual.” DiMatteo said David was struggling financially and was living in an RV trailer on a property near where he was struck in the 9200 block of 17 Ave. S.E. But he said David was evicted from that property after the elderly woman who owned it was moved to a nursing home and it was sold to a new owner. He was leaving the area when he noticed someone trying to flag down traffic, DiMatteo said he was told by police. Police told him David safely parked on the side of the highway before getting out to offer assistance. “He approached the vehicle and he asked these people what was wrong,” said DiMatteo, who said he was told it was an elderly couple, but police confirmed it was a single male. David started giving directions and that’s when he was struck, his boss said. DiMatteo said his friend was tossed in the ditch and, in a panic, the other motorist fled, he said he was told by police. “I asked the police ‘did he die instantly’ and they said no, he died shortly thereafter,” he said.

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